Group lays groundwork for equity metrics framework

In 2018, about 40 people gathered to lay the groundwork for development of a standardized approach to collecting, reporting and utility demographic variables to improve equity in clean energy programs.  Coming out of that gathering, several staff from VEIC, Efficiency for Everyone, Urban Institute, GHHI, and Energy Trust of Oregon took on 3 tasks:  1) Identify model approaches from equity assessment in non-energy fields like housing and education; 2) Identify model approaches from equity assessment in the clean energy industry; and 3) Identify an institution to develop an equity assessment tool.

Published by Dr. Tony G. Reames

Tony G. Reames is an assistant professor in the School for Environment & Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan. He has a PhD in public administration from the University of Kansas. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with a Master of Engineering Management from Kansas State University, and a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Dr. Reames leads the Urban Energy Justice Lab and his research investigates the fair and equitable access to affordable, reliable, clean energy, and explores the production and persistence of energy disparities across race, class, and place.