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EEP Framework

  • Guiding principles for recognition, procedural, distributional and restorative dimensions of energy equity
  • Review of 148 proposed energy equity measures, with accompanying resources and implementation guidance
  • Big picture energy equity takeaways and ideas for how to get started

Welcome to the Energy Equity Project

Join us as we embark on a national, collaborative journey to create a standardized framework for equity measurement, reporting, and tracking that drives clean energy investment and impact for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and frontline communities.

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Project Overview

The Energy Equity Project (EEP) is a collective, national endeavor to develop a framework for measuring and advancing energy equity.

We believe that the presence of an equity measurement framework for clean energy programs will improve outcomes for BIPOC, lower-income and frontline environmental justice communities. These communities have historically borne the brunt of environmental harms without partaking in the benefits of more efficient, less polluting, and more affordable forms of energy.

The framework involves two elements: 1) An interactive map of energy equity data, by census tract, and 2) A report that outlines guiding principles, quantitative metrics, and qualitative best practices for the four dimensions of energy equity: Recognition, Procedural, Distributional and Restorative.

Following a summer of extensive community engagement and listening sessions (2021), 45 energy equity leaders came together to review listening session feedback, define energy equity dimensions and sub-dimensions, and develop recommendations and guidance for metrics and best practices to include in the final framework. The majority of these leaders are women and people of color; they represent a wide array of grassroots community organizations, non-profits, universities, government, regulatory agencies, and consultants. 

The release of the EEP Framework (August 2022) is the culmination of their extensive efforts over the last year. It is also a work in progress, and a framework that needs users to explore how it might be used in a variety of contexts. Please join our network to hear about opportunities to partner with us and reach out if you have specific ideas or requests.



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